Zunckel Ecological + Environmental Services

Sustainable Decision-Making

Wildlife and Protected Area Management Planning

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This is where our greatest passion and expertise lies and our choice of career was borne out of a love for all things natural.  Our suite of services range from a broad policy / planning level down to very detailed site or species-specific management plans within both formal (TFCAs, game reserves, biospheres, etc.) and informal (conservancies, stewardship sites, sites of conservation significance, etc.) protected areas.  Equally our client base extends within state, private and communal land tenure systems.  Principles and processes we have developed and applied are recognised as national best practice.

Areas of Speciality

Transboundary Conservation Area Co-ordination.
Assisting private landowners and communities to engage with the Provincial Biodiversity Stewardship Programmes.
Leveraging tax rebates and incentives at national and local levels.
Wildlife Management Advice.

  • Management recommendations around the interface between people and wildlife.
  • Game counts.
  • Carrying capacities.
  • Permit applications.
  • Relocation, translocation, reintroduction and monitoring of threatened species (plants and animals).
  • Research.

Conservation and Protected Area Management Plans.

  • Establishing buffer areas.
  • Land use planning and zonation.
  • Implementation support and monitoring or management effectiveness.

Facilitation of Stakeholder Engagement Processes.

Application of payment for ecosystem services principles to determine the value of protected areas within the socio-economic landscape.


Members of the World Conservation Union’s (IUCN) World Commission on Protected Areas.


A full list of relevant project experience is available here.


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