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Sustainability Consulting

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We subscribe to an international standard that measures green accommodation, green business, green products, green conferencing and green events.  The aim of the standard is to measure the effects of consumption on our environment and to increase the product or service value.  Eco-efficiencies bring about significant operational cost savings and position the business within the realm of the environmentally responsible which provides marketing benefits within an economy that is becoming increasingly green-oriented.  Where all environmental efficiencies have been implemented, and carbon and water neutrality has not been achieved, voluntary local offset opportunities would be brokered.  Through ZEES’ other core business (i.e. ecosystem goods and services, biodiversity stewardship, conservation planning and management, etc.) we are well positioned to identify meaningful offset opportunities and broker agreements.

This partnership ‘walks the talk’ and is run on renewable energy, harvested rain water and recycled grey water.

Areas of Speciality

Sustainability consulting (greening) in the home, hospitality sector, business, products, events and conferencing.

Assisting establishments and operators work towards certification on an incremental basis through the Committed to Efficiency Programme whereby returns from ‘no cost, low cost’ interventions would be ring-fenced for later medium and higher-cost investment.

Sustainable assessments (training and implementation support), auditing and certification.

Helping individuals and businesses to achieve international recognition as green & sustainable companies operating responsibly by:

  • Reducing their carbon emissions and investing in carbon offsets.
  • Reducing consumption of water and energy.
  • Reducing the production of waste & improving waste management.
  • Reducing and offsetting carbon emissions.
  • Supporting biodiversity conservation.
  • Informing and involving staff and clients.
  • Increasing sustainable purchasing & supply chain management.
  • Supporting social and cultural responsibility.


IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group Members and Freelance Travelife Auditor.


A full list of relevant project experience is available by clicking here.


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