Zunckel Ecological + Environmental Services

Sustainable Decision-Making

Specialist Ecological and Biodiversity Assessments

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In order to assist sustainable decision-making processes, such as conservation planning and management, environmental impact assessments, strategic environmental assessments, environmental management frameworks, etc., it is necessary to understand the nature of the biodiversity and the ecosystems within the area in question.  A specialist biodiversity assessment will determine the sensitivity of the area and identify opportunities and constraints.  An ecological assessment will provide additional understanding as to how the biodiversity features relate to each other in terms of how the ecosystem functions and produces ecosystem goods (food, building material, fuel, medicine and minerals, etc.) and delivers ecosystem services (sustained dry season flows in rivers, reduced flooding and sedimentation, increased effluent dilution capacity, pollination of crops, carbon storage and sequestration, etc.).  In addition to this, the ecosystem assessment will provide an indication of how the area fits within the broader landscape through biological corridors and linkages, as well as within the socio-economic context.

Areas of Speciality

  • Vegetation and habitat mapping, contextualising the significance of the natural asset on the study site.
  • Faunal and floral inventory of known or predicted species and their conservation significance.
  • Assess the significance of natural resources in terms of the ecosystem goods and services they produce.
  • Land capability assessments, veld condition assessments and agricultural planning.
  • Wetland delineations, wetland ecosystem services and health assessments and wetland rehabilitation.
  • Species management plans, particularly for threatened species.
  • Translocation protocols and implementation.
  • Invasive alien plant surveys, eradication and rehabilitation plans.
  • Natural resources management strategies, management effectiveness assessments & monitoring.
  • Climate change mitigation & adaptation.


South African Wetland Society member and Wetland Community of Practice: KZN member.

We are looking forward to becoming active SANBI Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers (CREW) Volunteers and contributors to iSpot southern Africa in the KZN Midlands.


A full list of relevant project experience is available here.


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