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Integrated Environmental Management

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We recognise Integrated Environmental Management (IEM) as philosophically being an appropriate way of applying environmental management techniques in the planning stages of development.  IEM is strongly entrenched within South Africa’s policy and legal framework (e.g. National Environmental Management Act, National Water Act, etc.) to inter alia assess and maximise economic benefits, encourage social and cultural diversity, use local resources sustainably, reducing pollution, conserving biodiversity, ecosystems, and landscapes.  We seek to facilitate objective assessment processes aimed at achieving sustainability.  The term ‘impact’ could imply either a positive or negative influence.  Where the assessment predicts positive impacts, the process will be used to determine how these may be enhanced.  However, where the impacts are negative, the aim will be to see how these may be avoided, mitigated, restored, or offset.  The goal of biodiversity offsets is to achieve no net loss and preferably a net gain of biodiversity on the ground with respects to species composition, habitat structure, ecosystem function and people’s use and cultural values associated with biodiversity.  IEM principles can be applied from a strategic level down to the project management level and at all scales.

Areas of Speciality

  • Sustainable Development Assessments.
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments, Environmental Management Frameworks.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Management Plans and Programmes.
  • Environmental Control, Compliance Monitoring & Due Diligence, Internal and Third Party EMS Auditing.
  • Concept Development and Land Use Planning.
  • Tourism Planning.
  • Waste Management Licence Applications.
  • Mining Permit Applications.
  • Water Use Licence Applications
  • Facilitation of Public Participation Processes.
  • Mentoring, training and capacity building.
  • Peer Review & institutional development.


Longstanding members of the International Association for Impact Assessment, South Africa (IAIAsa).


A full list of relevant project experience is available here.


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