Zunckel Ecological + Environmental Services

Sustainable Decision-Making


We apply the principles of sustainability in facilitating decision-making towards the wise use of natural resources in order to contribute to sustainable livelihoods and good governance.

Zunckel Ecological & Environmental Services is a consultancy based in Hilton KwaZulu-Natal, specialising in natural resource management, sustainability and environmental management services.  We bring with us a reputation of reliably delivering a high standard of work and being a small company, we can offer competitive rates.  Our client base is broad, extending to all spheres of government, NGOs, the corporate sector, and private and communal landowners world-wide.  Our services can be delivered at policy, programme & project levels.  We have strong links to a diversity of specialists representing disciplines within the natural and social sciences, and built environment and often work in multi-disciplinary teams with other professionals.  We also have the capacity to manage complex projects and coordinate inter-disciplinary teams of specialists.

Our Fundamental Approach

An advantage of engaging us is that we will add value through the application of new natural resource and environmental management thinking.  The natural environment, when managed sustainably, produces a wide variety of natural goods and delivers strategically important services.  Knowledge of the extent to which these ecosystem goods and services (EGS) are produced from any given parcel of land can provide a valuable contribution to realising the full potential of the land’s natural asset base.  Further to this, linking the producers of these assets with the consumers can lead to mutually beneficial and uplifting partnerships and agreements.  Our objective behind facilitating the linkage between the producers and consumers is to look for innovative ways in which to encourage good stewardship of the natural resource base.  Ultimately what this does is position the assessment area within the broader socio-economic landscape and ensures that assessment outcomes will be socially acceptable, economically viable and ecologically sustainable.

We see the bigger picture


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