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Beekeeping Open Day with Barrie Lewis

Want to start Beekeeping?

The KwaZulu Natal Midlands Sustainability Forum invites you to a Beekeeping Open Day with veteran beekeeper, Barrie Lewis.

Where? 56 Groenekloof Road, Hilton          When? this Sunday 31st May 2015         Cost: R100 per family (trading in talents also accepted by mutual agreement)

Bookings are limited to 10 families and tickets available online here: Beekeeping Open Day Tickets.


Practical Interactive Workshop Includes:

14.00: General talk on bees and beekeeping. Wax extractor. Honey Room.
15.00: Honey tea and assembly of frames
15.30: Preparation of a trap hive.
16.00: Harvesting of honey.
17.00: Decapping, extraction, straining of honey.
18.00: Making of a barrel of mead.
19.00: Return empty frames to hives.

In the late afternoon, we will harvest from a few hives, decap & extract the honey, return the empty supers to the hives & bottle a few jars.

Essential to wear a loose white overall with zip, veil and gloves, three pairs of socks, tracksuit bottom, gumboots! You may be stung, perhaps several times. Anyone who is allergic should rather not attend.

If you have already made the decision to start bees, purchase a bottom board, brood-chamber, frames and lid from McGladderys in Clough St, PMB. Purchase parts that have been hot dipped in Waxol. Plus one sheet of broodwax. Bring them with you & we will assemble the frames together.

Bee Day


About Karen Zunckel

I have a passion for sustainability and love to share with others as I grow in knowledge myself. I make it my business to keep my finger on the pulse of who's 'green' in the KZN Midlands. By day I am an Environmentalist, Ecologist and Sustainability Consultant working from home where we are continuously trying to become more self-sufficient. I enjoy being creative and have started a community empowerment project making paper bead craft out of waste. Deep within my soul is a longing for wild places which I seek out as often as I can.

3 comments on “Beekeeping Open Day with Barrie Lewis

  1. Richard Soundy
    May 26, 2015

    I am a beekeeper. A sustainable, natural beekeeper and hive builder. As I read the great workshop you are offering (or already offered) I beg you to make sure a closing statement or emphasis is placed on alternative type hives and bee management that is far more suited to your mission statement of “sustainability”.

    I can read between the lines and have no doubt that the removable frames all point to a hive that may be good for educational or research purposes, but ill suited to sustainable living/goals. I produce and use Warre Hives and Warre bee management, perfect for the sustainable lifestyle.

    I wish I was there, so that I could make sure the alternative methodology can at least be presented. The disastrous results experienced here in the USA should not be repeated.


    • Karen Zunckel
      May 27, 2015

      Thanks for this Richard. The pros of Warre hives verses Langstroth Hives are nicely put across here: http://dustinbajer.com/natural-beekeeping-warre-top-bar-hives/. I will certainly raise your concerns at the workshop to make folk aware of natural bee-friendly alternatives and perhaps we can arrange a follow-up, if we can find somebody locally that can present another Open Day in the future.


  2. John Fry
    December 9, 2016

    Hi Richard I live in Mtubatuba and have been interested in bees for many years but the theft of hives has put me off so many times. I have strted again but have made my own copy of the jacksons hive and they are now in doors. I love your article and i hope to be up ion the Hilton area in January. I have to have a back opp. I would like to meet you.
    Regards .John


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